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Mickey Mauser

Mickey Mauser: the Wrath of the Rat

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Abyss Productions” (the fictitious name of my one-man-team) is proud to present his second product:

“Mickey Mauser part I: the wrath of the rat”

This is a TOTALLY freeware graphic adventure.


It’s quite obvious that the protagonist of my game was inspired by a mix of some very famous characters (one of which is real, while the others are purely fictional). There’s no need to be more straightforward, as you’ll notice the similarities as soon as you read the title.
I had the idea of such a character for a long time, and when the right contest took place I decided the moment to bring him to life was arrived.

The AGS (Adventure Game Studio) crew hosts monthly competitions, in which you have to create a game with AGS, following a topic and using some mandatory elements, like characters or inventory items.

February 2006 contest was “The Underworld”, with this simple rule: the game had to take place in some sort of underworld.

A rat hole is a very classic type of underworld, and so I decided to enter the competition, and I won too (the contest had only one other competitor, but a very good one indeed).

The Plot: this game features only one room, the rat hole where our hero, Mickey Mauser, lives. This morning, he wakes up with a rather ambitious project: conquer the (w)hole world! And make it possible for the perfect race, the rat's, dominate all the others, especially the cat’s, which he considers inferior beings.
But Cat-erpillar, the housecat, has woken up with another ambitious project: eat the poor Mickey! Will our hero, with the help of the loyal butler Ant-hony, succeed in his conquest, or will he die trying? This is up to you!

In the upper menu, located just above the screenshots, you'll find everything that's related to the game, including download (zip archive), obviously!