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7th Sense, The

7th Sense, The

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This game is:
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Abyss Productions” (the fictitious name of my one-man-team) is proud to present his first product:

“The 7th Sense”

This is a TOTALLY freeware graphic adventure.


In 1987, Italy imported a beautiful japanese anime, entitled “I cavalieri dello zodiaco” (Knights of the Zodiac), with the original Japanese title of “Saint Seiya”. The anime is set in Greece, not-too-far in the future, and is about a group of “knights” devoted to Athena, and their struggle to defend their goddess from the evil Ares (greek god of war).
Every knight is bound to a constellation, and wears an armor resembling it. The metal which the armor is made of
(bronze, silver, gold), identifies the strength of its wearer .
If you’re interested in more details , please visit the site
I Cavalieri dello Zodiaco or, in case you're not familiar with Italian language: Knights of the Zodiac

AGS (Adventure Game Studio) crew hosts monthly competitions, in which you have to create a game with AGS, following a topic and using some mandatory elements, like characters or inventory items.

March 2005 contest required:

  • A game featuring an unusual key puzzle.
  • pegasus, unicorn, dragon, appearing in the game.

Those animals made the use of “Knights of the Zodiac” very tempting: the anime features characters named after a constellation, including “Pegasus”, “Dragon”, “Unicorn”. The abundance of material related to the series also made it easier for me to wrap the game up in less than a month. And so I tried.

The plot:
this game is not an adaptation of an existing anime’s episode, and tries to be as original as possible.
I can’t tell much about the plot without ruining the experience, so I'll just talk about the characters and the setting.


  • Seiya of Pegasus (just Pegasus, in the Italian version): the main character. Leader of the Bronze Knights, he's brave, but a bit impulsive.
  • Shiryu of Dragon (Sirio, in the Italian version): a trusted friend of Seiya. Very wise, calm, and able to use very powerful special moves.
  • Jabu of Unicorn (Asher, in the Italian version): a weak knight, and a very self-confident one, too.
  • Saga of Gemini (Harles, in the Italian version): the reincarnation of Ares, as well as the strongest and most evil Gold knight.
  • Saori (Lady Isabel in the Italian version): the reincarnation of Athena. Gentle, kind, but fierce, too.


  • The 12th house, home of Saga. Very different from the one you may remember if you're an anime fan, though...

In the upper menu, located just above the screenshots, you'll find everything that's related to the game, including download (zip archive), obviously!